How to Show Hidden Files in Pendrive Caused by Shortcut Virus

In this post, we are going to show how to show hidden files in Pendrive or memory cards caused by the Shortcut virus. See the step by step simple guide to recover your hidden data.

Sometimes the folders in your Pendrive or USB drive turned into shortcuts and all the files disappeared from your USB Drive. Your USB drive appears empty even if the data is present. Also, the computer shows that Pen Drive is using blank space but it does not any show files or folders. Actually, this problem is caused by a virus called “Shortcut Virus”. When you connect your USB drive to an infected PC, this virus automatically infects your USB drive and makes your data disappear. In this post, I will discuss and show you how to easily remove shortcut virus from your removable drive and recover your data without losing it.

How to Show Hidden Files caused by shortcut virus
Folder showing as a shortcut in a USB drive

Removable media like a flash drive, memory card, external hard disk are the essential computer accessories and common devices to transfer data from one computer to another. But sometimes, when we connect our USB to a computer, It appears that all the files are missing from the drive and it only showing just some folder’s shortcuts or sometimes drive show empty even when data exists. When we are in haste, this problem causes a lot of trouble. All the files and folders in the pen drive are just shown as shortcuts and not accessible. This problem is caused by a virus called Shortcut Virus.

In this post, we will discuss and guide you on how to easily remove shortcut virus from your removable drive without losing your important data or how to show hidden files in Pendrive caused bu shortcut virus.

How to show hidden files or Recover files in a USB drive hidden by Shortcut virus:

When we connect any pen drive or any removable media to a computer and if the drive or media is already infected by the Shortcut virus, our pen drive automatically gets infected and started to show our folders as a shortcut, or sometimes it just shows only one shortcut.

You can simply format the flash drive to directly remove the virus. But it is not a good idea to remove the Shortcut virus. Because formatting the USB drive will remove all the important data along with the virus from your drive.

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But, not to worry about this. A short and simple piece of command can easily make your flash drive accessible and you will get your files back. 

First of all, connect your infected pen drive or memory card to PC. Now you have to open the “CMD” program. To open CMD, click on the start button and type cmd in the search box as shown in the below picture. Now right click on cmd and click “Run as Administrator” option to start cmd.

Search for cmd in the start menu
Search result for cmd in the start menu
If you are unable to use this method to open cmd program for any reason, Then open RUN Command Box from the start menu or by simply pressing the Windows key and R at the same time (Win+R) on your keyboard to open it. Now type CMD in the run command box and press OK to open the cmd window.
CMD command box example
Type cmd in the run command box

Now we have to find the drive letter of the infected drive to use in the CMD command in our computer (see, what is drive letter). To know the drive letter, open My Computer and find the letter of the drive as shown in the image below

how to find drive letter in my computer
Drive letter example

In the CMD window, first, enter the Drive Letter followed by a colon sign (:) without any space between the letter and colon and then press enter. Now the default drive letter (C:) will be changed to the new drive letter (i.e. H: or I: etc). See the below image for example. (Click on the image to enlarge)


CMD window with example
CMD window

Now type the following command/code in the cmd window after the new drive letter and press ENTER button on your keyboard.

attrib -s -h /s /d

For example, if your drive letter is H, then your command will look like this:

H:>attrib -s -h /s /d   

(please add only one blank space before -s, -h, /s and /d)

See the below image for example. (Click on the image to enlarge)

Use of attrib command in cmd window

Now, wait for a minute or two to complete the process. Once you have completed the whole process, you will again see the drive letter as H:> or according to the drive letter of your computer. now type “exit” and press enter again to close the cmd window. (for example H:>exit press enter).

Now open your pen drive in “Computer”. You will see a folder with no name on it. Open this folder to access your files. Done.

You can view these steps on YouTube here:

Command-line details:

‘-‘ = remove attribute/permits
s = system
h = hidden
/s=sub directory

How to Remove Shortcut Virus from USB Drive:

The safest and easiest way to remove the Shortcut virus from a flash drive or memory card is scanning by an up to date antivirus. You can download some popular and effective antivirus software here.

If you search the internet, you can find some post about remove shortcut virus by editing the Windows registry. But editing the Windows registry is not advisable if you have not enough knowledge about Windows Registry. 

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