10 Most Important Software for Windows PC (2021) Free Download

Most Important Software for Windows PC:

We need different software for different purposes every day. Because every single software has different characteristics and capabilities. Therefore, we need to install several applications on our PC to execute different tasks. These applications are very important for our computer system because whatever we do on the computer is done through these software applications. We every day use a web browser to surf the internet, use PDF reader to view or print PDF files, Antivirus to secure our PCs, use multimedia applications our entertainment, etc. Besides this software, we also need to download some essential utility software such as file archiver, media converter, dictionary software, etc. 

In this post, I am going to write about some most important software for Windows PC that needs to have on our computer every day and I will also share the latest links to download the full version offline installer of those programs. Those software applications are very essential for our daily use on a personal computer. 

Download Most Important Software for Windows PC
Important software for PC

Whenever we install a fresh Operating System OS like Windows, Linux on our computer system, many other programs are also automatically get installed on your PC with the operating system for a different work purpose. But these pre-loaded applications are not enough to fulfill the requirements of the users. Therefore, users need to buy or download their required software to fulfill their demands. There is plenty of computer software available in the market use as free or paid. Most of the software are pay-ware (Paid software) and some of them are shareware with so many limitations.

But there is also some very useful free software (freeware) available to use without pay money and too many restrictions. Some software is open source, which gives the users the freedom to run the software for any purpose as to study, modify, and distribute the original software and the adapted versions.

10 Most Important Software for Windows PC

Best Free Antivirus Software:

After installing a fresh Windows OS, it is strongly recommended to install an antivirus program. Antivirus Softwares are designed to help protect our computer against most viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other security threats and keep our computer healthy. Because a single piece of a virus can destroy our full computer system and make our computer just a piece of junk, it can spy on our personal information like security passwords and credit card PIN, etc.

But, to keep your computer system safe, you need to spend a lot of money every year if you are not aware of free Antivirus software as paid Antivirus Softwares are very expensive. Also, after purchase an antivirus programs, you need to renew or repurchase it every year or after every two or three years. But, thanks to the companies that provide some free versions of popular antivirus software for personal use. 

Some popular and most useful free antivirus software are Avast! Free Antivirus, AVG Antivirus free, Bitdefender Free free antivirus, Panda Free Antivirus, etc.

Avast is one of the most popular and widely used antivirus software. It has a clean interface and fully functioning antivirus and spyware engine with some features like a paid Antivirus Software to protect our computers from threats. One of the biggest competitors in the market of the free antivirus program is AVG Antivirus Free by AVG. AVG Free Antivirus has a light and powerful scanning engine and some premium features like full antivirus protection, link scanner, Spyware scanner, residence protection, scheduled scanning option, etc.

It is important that security software or antivirus software needs to be updated regularly to stay effective against new viruses. Here are some very useful free Antivirus software available to download for personal use, which gives our computers full protection as well as the paid antivirus software and available.

Download Full version free antivirus Software free:

Avast! Free antivirus Offline Installer 2020 official links(32 bit and 64 bit) :

Click here to download

AVG Free Antivirus Offline Installer 2020 official links (32 bit and 64 bit) :

Bitdefender Free Antivirus offline Installer 2018 official links (32 bit and 64 bit) :

Download(64 bit)

Download (32 bit)


Panda Free Antivirus 2019 offline installer official links 


Avira Free Antivirus 2019 Offline Installer official download link:


ClamWin Free Antivirus 2019 offline installer:

Internet Browser:

The Internet browser is another most essential software for Windows PC. Internet browser or the web browser is a program used to access websites and view those websites on our PC or Smart Phone. When we search for any topics, chat with a friend, email, shop online, banking, read the news, we often do this all using a web browser. There are many popular web browsers available in the market.

One of the most popular and common web browsers is Google Chrome by Google (Download Google Chrome Full Standalone Offline installer here). Google Chrome has a very simple user interface and faster browsing speed and many other important features such as easy to sync bookmarks, tabbed browsing feature, incognito browsing mode etc. Incognito browsing mode allows us to browse the internet safely without storing our browsing data, history, download history, cookies etc on a computer. Google Chrome also has large numbers of free useful extensions and add-ons for the user. 

Download Google Chrome latest version

Mozilla Firefox is another versatile web browser with a simple user interface. Like Google Chrome, Firefox also has some rich features like clean and categorized settings, Smooth scrolling, tab-browsing, pop-up blocking, free add-ons, etc. As said by the publisher, the newer version of Mozilla Firefox is 30% lighter and loads pages 2x faster than the older version of Firefox and chrome.

Click here to download Mozilla Firefox’s latest version’s Offline Installers for all platforms.

Due to high-end security features, Comodo Dragon becomes one of the secure browsers in the list of web browsers. It is based on Chromium source code and the interface very similar to Google Chrome. Comodo Dragon gives users better security and privacy than other modern web browsers.

Download Comodo Dragon full version here (Latest version, 52.0 MB)

Seamonkey is also a popular open-source free internet browser. It is built using the source codes of Mozilla and therefore it supports most of the ad-ones compatible with Firefox.   SeaMonkey also has some very good features such as password manager, customizable toolbars, restore sessions, etc. SeaMonkey is not only a web browser; it is also a WYSIWYG HTML editing software. It does allow us to build a web page without having so much knowledge of HTML or other programming languages.

Download SeaMonkey full version here.

Read our latest update:

Office Suite or Office Program:

Another most important and useful software for a personal computer is the Office Program or Office Suite or Office Productivity Software used to produce information like documents, Worksheets, presentations, tables, charts, Graph, etc. An office suite is a bunch of different programs for different works. Office suite typically includes a word processing software, Spreadsheet software, presentation, Database software, etc. There are many office suites available to use, but amongst them, below we mentioned two most popular and very useful office suite for PC.

Download office suit:

1.    Open Office 4.1.7: Download

2.    Libre Office 6.3.4: Download


Dictionary Software:

One of the most useful programs we should keep on our computer is a dictionary. A dictionary software is a reference tool for a PC user to check the meaning of any word, improve their spellings, writing skills, communication skills, etc. This software is very useful for students. This software not only provides the meaning of a word, also allows us to check antonyms, synonyms, phonetic symbols and pronunciation, different stages of tense, etc. 

One of the best dictionary for PC is WordWeb. WordWeb is free subject to licensing terms and it is quite easy to use. After successfully installation of this software, Just press and hold the Control key of the Keyboard and right-click on any word (Ctrl+Right Click). All the definitions, synonyms and other related information will be displayed in a second. WordWeb is also available for Android Smart Phones o Google Play Store. Some other popular free dictionary software is Artha, Ultimate Dictionary, Everest Dictionary, etc.

Download Best free dictionary for windows:

1. WordWeb: Download

2. Artha: Download

4. Ultimate dictionary: Download or Visit site

5. Everest Dictionary: Download (Size: 79.3 MB)


Media Converter and editing software :

Media converters allow us to convert any type of video or audio files to another format. It converts video or audio files to our required formats so that it can be played on any platform, any device or any type of media player. There are many free media converter software available on the market. Most media converter software work similarly. We need to upload the video or audio and have to select the output format and output location; done. We can also use the media converter tools to edit video and audio, make JPEG or GIF from a video clip.


One of the most popular and free video editing and conversion software for Windows PC is Windows Moviemaker. This software is simple and easy to use. Anyone having the basic knowledge of computers can use this program and can edit and produce videos like a professional. Windows Movie Maker is already comes preinstalled on Windows XP. But the user of Windows 7 or Windows 8 needs to install this software separately as it does not comes preinstalled on Windows 7/8/10.

The program required to install Movie Maker on Windows 7 or 8 is called “Windows Live Essential”. Windows Live Essential is a group of software like Photo Gallery and Movie Maker, Windows Live Writer, Microsoft Sky Drive, Outlook connector pack, Messenger, Mail, and Family Safety. A user can install any one program from the package or all at once.

On the other hand, one of the best free audio editing software is Audacity. It is a free, open-source, multi-track audio editor, and recorder. Audacity allows the user to convert audio files, edit, mix music, copy & paste, apply different types of effects, remove vocals and many more. There is also some other free media converters software with rich and user-friendly features available in the market like HandBrake, Any video converter, Freemake video converter, Format Factory, etc.

Download free media converter  for windows:

1. Windows Movie Maker: Download Full Setup

2. Audacity Latest Version: Download or visit the site

3. Handbrake: Download 32 bit or Download (64 bit)

4. Any video converter: Download

5. Format Factory: Latest Version for Windows: Download

6. Freemake video converter: Download


File Compression Software:

File compression software is used to compress any large file to make it smaller. It saves the disk space and also makes it easier to transfer the file over the internet. These programs are also used to decompress any compressed data or file. By using some File Compression Tools, we can compress 1000 MB files to just 10 MB or less.  Some popular free file compression applications are 7-Zip, Express Zip, PeaZip, etc.

Download free file compression software:

1. 7-Zip: 7-Zip is one of the best open source file archive and compression software developed by Igor Pavlov. It is one of the most popular and most important software for Windows PC. It is a powerful free file compression and decompression software capable of a very high and better compression ratio compared to other compression software.

Read more about 7-zip and download the latest version, click on the link below:

Download 7-Zip latest version for Windows and other platforms (official link) 32/64 bit

2. Express Zip: Download Express Zip (External Link) or Visit Site

3. PeaZip 5.6: Version: 6.6 (Latest version)

Download PeaZip 6.6 32 bit


PDF Reader and PDF Converter:

The PDF file format has become a common and popular way to publish documents like eBooks, Forms, bank statements, drawings, etc. PDF files are very popular and used by a wide range of platforms, and these are compatible with different types of systems. PDF files are easy to handle, secure, easy to store or even easy to send over email, etc. A PDF reader or viewer is used to read, view, print any PDF document.

On the other hand, sometimes we need to edit or convert our Document or Worksheet to a PDF file so that it will be compatible with other devices or easy to send through mail or can be stored safely. To edit or convert PDF file format to other formats or convert our other file format to PDF format, we need some software called PDF maker or PDF converter. There are numbers of free PDF readers and converter software available in the market, which allows us to read, print, create or convert PDF files to other formats or other file formats to PDF.

Download the free PDF converter and reader:

  1. Foxit Reader: Read More and Download Version Latest version
  2. Sumatra PDF: Download 
  3. Nitro PDF 10: Download 32 Bit or Download 64 Bit (External Link) or Visit site
  4. Adobe Reader DC latest version: Download

Free Photo Editing Software:

What is the Best Photo Editing Software? 80% of people will say, “Adobe Photoshop”. Yeah, we agree too. But, is it free? Absolutely not. Then what about a free photo editing program? We all know that Windows PCs have one free image editing tool with a few basic editing features called “MS Paint”. But, does MS Paint can fulfill the requirement of a professional photo editor or artist. Then try GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program).

GIMP or GIMPShop is an open-source free image editing software. It is one of the best graphics editing software with some very rich features, amazing tools and plug-ins like Adobe Photoshop and could be used to replace Adobe Photoshop.

Some other free photo editing software is Photoscape, Paint.Net, etc.

Download free Photo Editing Software:

GIMPShop: Download the latest version

Photoscape: Download the latest version or Download here

Paint.net: Download the latest version


Media Player:

Media players are required to play different types of multimedia file formats like MP3, PM4 Video, video clip, movie, etc. VLC one of the best free open source multimedia player able to play almost all types of multimedia formats. VLC is a lightweight program with a very simple user interface. If you looking for an alternative to the VLC media player for any reason, then KM Player is the best alternative Multimedia player. Some other popular free multimedia players are GOM Player, Jet Audio, Winamp, etc.

Download Best Free Media Player:

VLC Media Player : 

Download VLC Media Player latest version (32 Bit and 64 bit)

KM Player: Download Version 4.0.3 or visit site

GOM Player: Download

Jet Audio: Download

Winamp: Download

These are some very useful full and most important software for Windows PC in 20120. You can download these programs’ latest versions directly from their’s official websites using these direct download links shared above.

10 Most Important Software for Windows PC (2021) Free Download

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