7-Zip Best Compression Method for Compress 1GB file to 20MB

On this page, we are going to write the steps about the 7-Zip best compression method for compressing 1GB files into a 20MB archive. These steps are created to provide a bit of help 7-Zip users on how to make a highly compressed archive by 7Zip using the recommended settings.

7-Zip is an open-source free archive manager to create and modify archive files. It can create Archive of any files and open different archive formats like 7z, RAR, Zip, and more. 7Zip is capable of making highly compressed archive. For example, it can compress a 1GB file(s) into just 20MB or less with the recommended settings without losing any files.

7-Zip Best Compression Method

File archive manager is an essential piece of software for a personal computer user. This software is used to compress any large file to reduce the size. It saves disk space and makes it easy to store and transfer over the Internet.

7-Zip Best Compression Method: Compress 1GB to 20MB:

Using some file compression tools, we can compress 1 GB data up to 20MB or less. 7 Zip is one such type of program used to compress files highly. 7-Zip is a very powerful free and open-source file archive and compression software.

Please remember that this compression process does not apply to all types of files. Text files like .txt files, documents, spreadsheets, PDF files are highly compressible. But you cannot compress some files such as mp3, mp4, videos clips etc using 7-Zip or other such types of software.

7-Zip is the best compression software that allows you to take several files and compress them into one file, which is smaller than the overall size of the original files. But, keep in mind that you cannot compress Videos, Mp3s, JPEGs hugely compared to the original files as these types of files have already been compressed.

First of all, download 7-Zip Latest Version from here.

After completion of the download, find the 7-Zip setup file in the download folder and double-click on the setup file and then click on “Install” to set up 7-Zip on your computer. After a few moments, the installation will be completed.

Now, put your files and folders in one place that you want to compress. Now drag and select all these files/folders

Selecting multiple files by dragging
Select multiple files by dragging

After selecting the files, right-click on the selected files and select “7 Zip” from the context menu and then click on the “Add to archive” option (as shown in the below image).


7-Zip Best Compression Method step by step
Adding files to 7 Zip

The 7-Zip compression window will open after selecting the “Add to Archive” option. Now you have to set the values properly in this window of 7-Zip to make a highly compressed archive. First of all, type the name of your archive and then move to the next option “Archive Format“. If “7z” is already selected from the drop-down list, the do nothing. Otherwise, select 7z manually from the list. Then select the Compression level from the list as “Ultra” and the Compression Method as “LZMA2“. LZMA (Lempel–Ziv–Markov chain algorithm) is a precise rule used to perform lossless data compression and LZMA 2 provides a better compression ratio than LZMA.

After that, set the size of the Dictionary Size to 64 MB. Dictionary size is an important factor and many important things such as compression ratio, compression speed, system resources depend on the “Dictionary Size“. Using higher dictionary size gives better compression but more system resource is required to complete the compression and decompression process.

Now move to “Word Size” and use 64 from the drop-down list to maintain an average compression speed. After the Word Size, the next option is Solid Block size. This option allows you to improve the efficiency of compression of many similar files together.

Then,  Number of CPU Threads and it is recommended to use only 2 threads for faster and better compression. Using more than 2 threads will not make your compression faster, but can make your PC slow during compression or decompression.


7 zip compression setting window
7 zip compression setting window

Another most important option to set in this 7-Zip window is the Split to Volumes. This option allows you to split your large file into smaller pieces. Suppose, if you unable to attach a file to your e-mail due to the huge size, then you can divide the large file into smaller files with this option. To do so, click on the arrow mark just under the Split to Volumes option and select the size limit of the files.

Please remember that you need 7-zip software and all the split parts of the original file in one place to decompress it again.

Download 7-Zip Latest Version from here.

You can watch this tutorial on YouTube here:

This is a simple tutorial on 7-Zip best compression method and settings. Using these settings, you can easily create a highly compressed archive with 7-Zip. But note that, this compression method only applies to text files, documents, spreadsheets, pdf documents, etc. You can not compress any image files, videos, audios, etc using 7-Zip.

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  1. waw, its really working. thanks for the tips. I've compressed my 110 mb Excel files to just just 8.5 mb.

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