Download WinZip 32-bit for Windows 7, 10 PC Free Latest 2023

WinZip 32-bit for Windows 7 PC is a compressor and archiver for Windows computers.  The WinZip offers a clean and simple user interface that is WinZip is ideal for everyone whether for beginners or advanced users. It is quite powerful and lets users extract ZIP files, compress files and share them over email, and archive data by grouping related files. WinZip 32-bit is an effective compressor and archiver that supports Windows 10, 8, and Windows 7 PC. Download it for free (trial version).

WinZip 32-bit download for Windows 7

This software is capable of working with various file formats, such as IMG, RAR, TAZ, TGZ, ISO, MME, and more. It also provides 256-bit encryption to keep sensitive data secure. The most recent version offers extra features that allow users to transform files into PDFs, alter the size of images, and add watermarks.

What is WinZip?

WinZip is a utility software application designed to handle file compression and decompression and makes the process of handling large files and data easy. It serves as a compression tool, allowing you to reduce the file size of large files without sacrificing their quality. This compression process makes files more manageable, taking up less storage space on your computer and making them easier to share online and attaching or sharing large files through email or other means.

Its user-friendly and intuitive design allows you to zip and unzip files with a simple click of a button. When files are zipped, they are transformed into a more compact format, making them convenient for sharing and storage. Moreover, the zipped files can be easily restored to their original format whenever needed.


WinZip for Windows is not just a simple compression tool; it comes packed with a range of advanced features that enhance its functionality. Here are some of the notable features that make WinZip a versatile software:

File Archiving: WinZip allows users to archive related files together, storing them as a single file. This makes organizing and managing files more efficient.

File Extraction: You can use WinZip to extract various types of archived files, including popular formats like ZIP, RAR, and ISO. This feature simplifies the process of accessing compressed content.

Document Conversion: It enables users to convert Word files to PDF format and vice versa, offering flexibility in managing various document types and ensuring compatibility. This can be particularly handy when you need to share documents in a universal and easily readable format.

Optical Disc Burning: Users can use it to burn files to CDs and DVDs, making it a convenient solution for creating physical backups or distributing data on optical media.

Simultaneous Burns: The software allows for simultaneous burning, enabling users to efficiently create multiple copies of their files or data on different discs simultaneously.

Watermarking: The software enables users to add watermarks to their documents and images, which is useful for branding, copyright protection, or adding information to visuals.

Image Resizing: WinZip offers image resizing functionality, allowing users to adjust the dimensions of images to meet specific requirements or reduce file size.

Encryption: It offers 256-bit AES encryption to encrypt sensitive data and files, adding an extra layer of security to your documents and ensuring they remain confidential.

Send and Share Services: WinZip also offers users the convenience of saving files and sending them via the app’s send and share services, simplifying the process of sharing and distributing content.

These advanced features make WinZip a comprehensive tool for managing, securing, and enhancing various types of files and data.


WinZip offers users an effortless file management experience with its easy-to-use interface. With minimal buttons and controls on the homepage, users can easily perform essential functions like adding files, creating folders, compressing archives, sending files, and sharing files with just a few clicks. Furthermore, users can integrate cloud accounts like Dropbox and Google Drive to make accessing cloud files and creating archives a breeze. Additionally, it provides detailed info about each archive, such as the files’ names, number of folders, and sizes. All in all, WinZip’s simple and intuitive design makes it a useful tool for both new and experienced users.

Is WinZip Free:

While WinZip 32-bit is not a free program, it does offer a free trial period during which users can explore the app’s many features and experience its features and functionality. To access the complete set of features, users can choose from three different plans: Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. Each plan comes with different features and is priced according to the requirements of different users. Download WinZip for free.

Should I download WinZip 32-bit?

If you need a reliable compression, encryption, and extraction tool for your Windows 10 32-bit or old Windows 7 PC, then downloading WinZip 32-bit is a worthwhile choice. While it is an excellent choice, it’s worth noting that there are alternatives such as WinRAR, 7-Zip, PeaZip, etc that offer similar features. Your choice may depend on your specific needs and preferences, but WinZip remains a trusted and dependable option for handling files and data compression.

If you’re looking for an effective, secure, and user-friendly way to handle files, WinZip is a great choice. Due to offering some essential features like fast compression and extraction speeds, a minimalistic interface, a free trial period, cloud integration, advanced features like document conversion and encryption, and Windows compatibility, it is worth a try.

Details of the Application:
  • Author: WinZip Computing Inc
  • Website:
  • OS Requirements: Windows 10, 8, 7 (32-bit)
  • Category: File Archiver
  • License: Shareware
  • Size: 73 MB
  • Version: 27 (32-bit Final Version)

Download WinZip 32-bit for Windows 7, 10:

Get the 32-bit (version 27.0) for Windows PC



Download the latest 64-bit version for Windows 11, 10 PC



WinZip 20 for Windows XP:


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