What is a Drive Letter and How to Find Drive Letter on a Computer

The “Drive Letter” is a common word for Windows PC users. Almost all Windows users are aware of this computer related word except the new computer learners and users. If you are new to the computer world and do not know much about this word, then you will be able to know about the “Drive Letter” of a Windows PC. We are also writing a simple way to identify the letter of a disk drive in a Windows PC.

What is a Drive Letter in Windows PC?

Simply, a Device letter is a single alphabetic character from  A to Z, used to identify the computer drives. The Drive letter is the process of assigning alphabetical identifiers to disk volumes. By default, in a Windows OS based computer, the drive’s letter is started from C: which is automatically created and assigned by the system as soon as the main disk drive is created and the additional drives are assigned as D:, E:, and so on. The computer also assigns drive letters to removable drive and CD or DVD Drive automatically.

What is a Drive Letter on a Windows PC

How to find a drive letter on a computer?

In Windows PC, just double-click on the Computer or click on start and select Computer. Then all the available drive will appear in the Computer window. In this window, you can view all the available disk drives connected to the computer including Network drive, cd/dvd drive, Removable drive, etc.

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What is a Drive Letter and How to Find Drive Letter on a Computer

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