TallyPrime Download free for Windows 11/10/7

What is Tally?

Tally is one of the very reliable and effective account management software for PC. It is developed by the Indian multinational technology company Tally Solutions Private Limited. TallyPrime software is designed to help all types of businesses including individual businesses to large farms to manage their everyday business accounts digitally. Tally helps manage different aspects of a business like – accounting, inventory, banking, taxation, payroll, etc with remote access capabilities. You can download TallyPrime and try it for free.

The New TallyPrime:

TallyPrime is the all-new release of Tally accounting software. The old version of Tally was called Tally.ERP is now replaced with the newer version called as TallyPrime and this latest version has several new tools and features.

It includes all the necessary tools that you’ll need to manage your company and also to optimize the company finances and enhance the potential workflow for your employees. Download TallyPrime now for your  PC to manage all the accounting tasks of your company. Go to the download page using the below link and download TallyPrime offline installer for free.

TallyPrime 2.1

Tally Prime 2.1 brings you an Edit Log that keeps a trail of every activity performed in transactions and masters to help you have much better control over changes in your Company data. You also get an option to choose between two products – TallyPrime and TallyPrime Edit Log – based on your business needs.

TallyERP 9 (the older version):

Tally.ERP 9 has advanced integration capabilities in the form of Application programming interfaces to make the software extensible. Tally is the most demanding ERP software available in the market. Tally ERP offers a set of streamlined accounting tools for daily accounting tasks like inventory entries, keeping transaction records, managing the purchase and sale list, Budgeting, controlling and managing stocks, handling employee accounts, and many other tasks easily. You can also download TallyERP 9 here.

Technical details:

Download TallyPrime for Windows 11, 10, 7 Free:


Features Provided by TallyPrime:

Using Tally Prime, you can generate e-way bills and e-invoices instantly for a single invoice or multiple invoices. TallyPrime directly integrates with the portal to seamlessly generate e-invoices and e-way bills for you, without manual intervention.

To grow your business, and make the right business decisions, you need the right insights. With features like “Go To” and “customizable reports” in the new Tally Prime, you can discover and look at reports, slicing and dicing them the way you want. To help you in your growth journey, TallyPrime enables you to manage multiple companies and incrementally add features such as multiple go-downs, multi-currency, order process, cost centers, etc. This helps you get rid of complexities, and in turn, focus on business growth.

Quick and hassle-free bills receivables and payable management help you to get paid faster as well as manage payment timelines. Also, Tally facilitates easy and efficient stock movement, making it possible to optimize the cash flow. Besides, the insightful reports in the blink of an eye help you make confident decisions and plan the growth of your business better. Tally’s Prevention, Detection, and Correction mechanism ensure that your books are always accurate, hence giving you the confidence that the returns you file are always correct!

Tally.ERP and TallyPrime are the best applications for business owners to manage day-to-day operations and generate required business reports which help make important decisions. Using these accounting software applications, a business owner can easily create and track sales vouchers; and get detailed reports on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly sales basis. Download Tally.ERP and Tally Prime offline installer for Windows PC. Note that TallyPrime is only available for Windows 64-bit computers having OS Windows 7 or above.

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TallyPrime Download free for Windows 11/10/7
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